Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm an uncle! and Leo update

Aidan Thomas and Leah Nicole Smith entered the world today. Its weird, I'm not related to these kids at all but I have prayed for them and love them like they are. Ashley, you're already mom of the year. What you have endured to have these beautiful and perfect babies is amazing. You're man better take you out for a big steak. Matt, you're going to be a great dad... I'm so proud and happy for you both... its been a rough road but they are here!!!! Aidan and Leah, you have been prayed for more than you'll ever know.... You have some of the best parents in the whole world. Know that on the day you were born people who love you very much prayed that you would grow up strong and healthy with a love for God that can never be quinched. Welcome to the World! And I promise I wont be your "weird" uncle.

Here is a really funny pic of Leo.

I walked in the bedroom this morning and he was just sitting there like that... Made me laugh really hard... Look at his legs... ha ha! I love that pup. Although he destroyed his 1st article of any importance the other day. D's glasses.... not good for him... Can you go to jail for puppy abuse? If you can Deb would've been locked up that morning...

Here is a great vid of Leo playing with his favorite toy Verde (green in Spanish)
He makes me laugh really hard when he does this... Hes a great dog
Maybe when we get back from conference I shoot some of his tricks...

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