Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leo's in the Hospital (not funny...yet)

It may be too soon to post this because I know most of you will find the humor in the situation and I know I will too but I'm just not there yet.

If you've read my blog the last 8 month you know about Leo. I love that dog. It never gets old to come home and have act like he hasn't seen me in days. Its also nice to have something that doesn't hold a grudge. Last night get got some paper off the table and was chewing on it and popped him on the nose, then like 10 secs later he was wagging his tale at me wanting to play tug of war with his toy. Well last night we had a bit of a scare.

So yea... Leo swallowed a sewing needle last night. I was trying to "mend" one of his chew toys and I sat it down ti help Deb bring the groceries in. And when I came back in... well there's the xray.
So at 9:30 last night D and I were looking for 24hr vet and by 10 we were on the road. We get the vet and options we have are "less-invasive" surgery that might not work or invasive surgery that cost twice as much or we can do the 1st and if it doesn't work we'll do the other one and charge you for both or take your 8 month old puppy home and watch him more than likely die a slow and very painful death. Doesn't sound like much of a choice. So right now he's lying in a kennel with stitches and staples and he'll be there until tomorrow night.

I'm sitting here conflicted with a number of emotions. Relief that he'll be ok. But I'm mad at him for eating a stinking needle. Mad at myself because its my fault because he's a dog and doesn't understand what he did. And there is a logical emotionally disconnected part of me that says 'its just a dog' but that guy looses every time. Oh well, hopefully I will laugh about all this in the next few weeks.

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Jeff said...

Ok, I had Leo for several days and had no problems.... do I need to step in as a loving and caring uncle????