Monday, March 26, 2007

The Checklist

I am starting my busiest time of year... summertime. Just typing that word excites me. Summertime is a time of great anticipation but also a time of paradox. I am spending an increasing amount of time planning for the biggest district event of the year (youth camp)... its the most fun thing we do and its the event with the most spiriual "return", so I am busting my hump to make it the best experience every year and I find that it can be one of the driest times I have for myself. Its hard enough to make time for God now but during the summer (esp @ camp) its next to impossible. Prayer is something that I have journeyed to understand... a personal mission, so within that mission I am going to make all aspects of my involvment with summertime activities a spiritual act. If its filling up water ballons on Wed, then I want it be a time that I am thanking God for fun and reflecting on ways I can use that time to reach/teach. If its leading a small group than its time for me to shut up and be a microphone for God. Whatever it is.... great or small I'm going to work unto the Lord.



kris said...

I can't wait til summer... and especially camp!

Dustin Wilson said...

Looking foward to working with you this summer at Camp!!! I think it is going to be the best camp ever!