Tuesday, June 12, 2007

based on experience

So I haven't blogged in a really long time but based on last weeks events I felt the need.

I started a lesson series called "Prison Break" a couple weeks back and we were looking at the effects of sin of our lives. The first week was "Incarcerated" and we looked at the bondaged of sin. So to illustrate that fact I thought it would be good idea to handcuff myself... to myself and talk about the effects of sin. Well it went well, I thought the who night went well. So this past Wednesday I started the lesson in the handcuffs and I talked about being released from the bondage of sin, I was telling the guys about my story as I got to the part where I was released from my sin and I had Kristen come take the cuffs off... As she went to stick the key in we both realized the key was broke so with my mouth agape I stood their hand cuffed to myself.... Of course the room broke out in laughter and I lost all hope of control so I closed my bible and dismissed... what else was gonna do? So I am outside with my whole church hand cuffed like a criminal. Everyone laughed at me... The only other key I had was in my nightstand drawer 20 mins away in Central. So in order to keep my plans of going to eat with my guys I got the bright idea of going to the Easley police department and getting them to remove them. It was a bad good idea, good in theory, bad in practice. As the officer walked out he looked at me and then at my female youth sponsor that drove me and said "I don't want to know what you two were doing." One of the most akward moments of my life. Anyways, Big Poppa Officer Man could only get once cuff off. I was not happy at all. So here I am walking through the Sonic parking lot where every youth group in Easley decided to hang out that night with one hand cuff on. And yet again everyone laughed at me. Well there so happen to be a guy from our church there and he cut them off with a cordless grinder and it burned me and now I have a scar and a story.

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