Monday, September 17, 2007

"In God We Trust"

So our lives have been a whirlwind the last two weeks... God has done some major things in our lives and sent us on a incedible journey that in three weeks will lead is here...

Deb and i are moving to Noblesville, Indiana (about 15 miles north of Indianapolis). The Lord has seen fit for me to have a position at Wesleyan World Headquarters in Fishers. Oh yeah, read it again I can hardly believe it myself. When I was in Orlando two weeks ago for convention steering meetings and FUEL Scott Simmons (see below) approached me about the position (Assistant to the Director of Youth Ministries) I was floored and humbled. I talked to D about it and all of sudden God flung open all the doors and next thing I know I'm in a rented Ford Tarus heading north to go meet with Scott and find an apartment.
And there it is... two bed room two bath with screened in porch and they will let us paint and HAVE A DOG!!!! (thats another post altogether.)

This is D with our check for the security deposit.... why is this moment so important? Because up until this point the only thing we had committed is time and prayer, writing that check was the point of no return, at that point we were all in. And we are very excited!!! (isn't my wife beautiful!!!)

Scott Simmons, Director of Youth Ministries for The Wesleyan Church

So thats my boss, a man known by many names... none of which i will mention here (you don't bite the hand that feeds you) but he is a leader of vision and leader that I am excited to get behind and support with what little gifts and talents I have to offer. I can truly say that my goal for however long God leaves me @ HQ is to fade into the background and make Scott and his ministry as successful as I can and that excites me. I believe in this guy... I have since I met him and count it a blessing to be involved in what God is doing in the youth of the Wesleyan Church... thanks Scott.

Anyways, I know thats a lot of info in a short blog and that may leave a lot of questions with some of you so just ask and I'll do what I can.... I'm sure that I'll be blogging about this a lot over the next few weeks since it will consume my life (i hate packing) for the next few weeks. Here's a question for ya... what kind of dog should D and I get?

I love you all!


Martin LaBar said...

All the best. And, yes, she is beautiful.

Dustin Wilson said...

Dude, I am so excited for you two. Even though I will miss you, I know that God has his hand in this. I know you are going to be used up there. Scott is the man and I second you one the vision. I support him and I also support what you are going to be doing up there. You are gifted in alot of areas. I am here for you if you ever need me. Love ya bro.

David Hall said...

Great, great, great. I'm glad you're so excited about never seeing me again!

jk man I'm excited for ya'll.