Wednesday, September 19, 2007

today is an emotional day... my mind is whirling

people have been asking me how i feel about whats been going on the last few weeks and I have to say :bittersweet

This is home... always has been (im actually typing through tears)
My mom is here.... and most of you know how awesome she is...
All my family (that i like) is close by
TABLE ROCK... and the SCWY... huge part of who i am
Joes.... downtown easley.... yummy
david, tj, jason, brian, and a cast of hundreds of people that i love seeing all the time.
plus a million other things

God has made this clear that its what He wants us to do... and to be in the center... its good
I love indy...
To live in a new area excites me ... new possiblities new people.... yay!
To be working for someone who vision i can get behind and sink my teeth into and with someone that will encourage me to stretch and will allow me to use my gifts.... fun fun
to attend a church of my choosing... I LOVE E1!!! but its always nice to change things up a bit
D and I having our own place!!!!!!
and plus anywhere I can be with D is sweet!!!
I think the thing that excites me the most is this ministry is wide open.... so many options, so many choices.... im getting all jacked up

I know that this is a spastic post full of typos and misspellings but its where my heart is... its sputtering with anticipation of leaving behind things that WILL create a void and the anticipation of filling it back up again.... not replacing anything or anybody just making more room...

love you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Matt, We love you and will miss you very much.
Rick & Marie Gilbert
AKA, B_ r __i_

nate richardson said...

also sweet, being reconnected with nathan richardson