Monday, December 10, 2007

Its been a long time, shouldn'ta left you, without a dope beat to step to, step to step to...

So its been eons since I've done a real blog post and if Heath Mullikn can blog pretty much everyday I can get back into the habit.
First of all let me begin by saying that I miss all of you back home. Life in Indy is great but at the risk of sounding cliche... there's no place like home. There is so much I could tell you about our time here so far but its a lot. I can sum it all up by saying that God has been super faithful to us and provided so much more than we need. We certainly aren't going hungry (although I haven't had Joe"s or Zaxby's in 2 months, does that not qualify as some type of hunger) and my boss and his wife (Scott and Kelsie) have been awesome to us. So were good to go. At the same time we are mucho excited to be coming home in a little over a week!
So for my re-entry into the blog world I want to give a:
"Taste of Out Time in Indy"For those of you who get this I hope you find it as funny I did... I made Scott Simmons walk half a block in the rain just to talk this pic. For you E1

This is Scott and Kelsie's middle child Emily... I just thought this was funny. We kept them for a few days while Simms and Kels were in Canada for a funeral... makes you want em and makes you want to leave em.... We had a great time

Deb And I were driving down to the mall and I saw this guy sleeping and it again made me laugh... it really has nothing to do with Indy other than the fact that we were in Indy when I snapped it.

this was in the window at the Sharper Image store at the mall. C'mon its a life size Superman... wait, can it really be life size? He not real... oh well, it made me think of Heath and thus home

Call me a dork or whatever you want to... I went to my first apple store and it was awesome... Made a few calls on a iphone... played with the new ipod touch (still thinking about it) and found the mouse i want for the mac mini... it was a cool store

Well the image upload app has locked up so I guess I'm done for the day.... Have tons more... guess it'll be a part duex... much love


Heath said...

I bet that life size Superman wouldn't have knocked his girlfriend up and left the planet for 5 years.

David said...

first of all, let me say that i love the aaliyah reference. second, it's good to know that you're still alive. third, and lastly, when are you and deb coming in for Christmas? we'll have to get together if yall have time. miss you man

Dustin said...

I miss you dude. No one gets my jokes around here but you and now you are gone. What is a man to do.

The Frank Family said...

Hey Matt! I'm not sure if you remember, I'm Ashlee we met in Orlando. My family and I are very close to the Simmons family. I love the pic of Emily! That's my girl! Hopefully we will see you soon when we come to visit the family! You and Deb take care of them for us!

The Frank Family said...

Hey Matt, not sure if you remember Im Ashlee we met in Orlando. My family and I are very close with the Simmons family. I love the pic of Emily, that's my girl! Hopefully we will be up for a visit soon! Take care of 'em for us!