Friday, December 14, 2007

A Taste of Indy (two for the price of one)

I hope you enjoyed the pics and i only had one comment about the Aaliyah reference... i thought it was clever... (thanks tatehall)

Well I'm gonna give a double post today... more pics and two funny videos that I'm sure that will get me in trouble with Amanda Kinney.... (see what happens when you dont call me back!)

On we go!

A few weeks ago the SFD (Spiritual Formation Department {where I work}) did our annual Spring Life mailer that goes out to all our churches... we packed over 2000 DV cases with promo material and the actual cirriculum.... it was a long intresting day...

This is the new Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts will play next year... I took Scott to the airport a couple weeks ago at the butt crack of dawn and I got lost on the way back and ended up driving around the site... its so big!

This pic should need no explination... if it does then at some point on Dec 24th or 25th just spend some time watching TNT... This was available for purchase but it would be easier to talk D into letting me get a 57 in HDTV... wonder if it would look good on my desk....

That's a huge remote! (3yr old to show scale... thanks Brooke!) I need a bigger recliner in order to lose that.

Riddle me this... who in their right mind would come to a craft festival and pass by this booth and think... "hey hey! I've got a hundred extra buck and my pearly whites are more like dingy eggshell, I think I'll let and unliscenced professional with non-medical commercial equipment shoot the blinding light at my teeth to spruce them up for the holidays... I can trust her, she must know what shes doing, shes wearing scrubs." Okay put all that aside... Who would have "dental" proceedure done whilst people were walking about... people are weird

to those of you who are wondering what I was doing at a craft fair... things change when you get married... Scott was there too, make fun of him... in fact he called me and asked if we wanted to go

Deb and I went to the Colts/Cheifs game... a lot of fun!


OK... I'll admit that am oddly particular about my pooping space but I feel like this would make anyone uncomfortable. I mean really its either really poor design or a really cheap builder... I mean you know they had a meeting about this at some point and "outside the box thinker guy" was like: "hey! I got it... We'll just half doors on the poop stalls... yea, half doors! You're telling me theres not a guy in that meeting that says "whoa guys, half doors? really? So when I walk in to do my business I've gotta watch Joe Pooper doing his..." Listen I'm not comfortable with any strangers seeing my poop face.

What? You're not a stranger... ha ha this is @ my desk.

I don't care what anyone says this is one of the funniest things I've ever seem... Still kicking myself that I didn't buy it. It's a zip-up hoodie with Wyle E. Coyote (google it... thats how you spell it) Jacob found it @ TJ Maxx and put it on... priceless! Gotta love the eye holes... Kind of reminds me of a Looney Tunes KKK costume...

So we decorated the office for the holidays and this nativity set is in front of my desk (i've kicked the angel and the tallest wise man over numerous time) and Scott put baby Jesus on my desk... So I decided to make sure he was in the Christmas spirit and return the favor....

Well those are the pics for the Taste of Indy posts....

now for part duex.... (sorry Amandapants)

Poor kids.... it was so bad

This is prob my favorite Amanda thing ever... In front of Scott's house... yea thats hos Concord... the grocery getter


Amanda Pants said...

I hate you!!! And I'm still horrible at comebacks so I'm not even gonna attemt one...You just wait...

Anonymous said...

I got my mom one of those huge remotes as a gag gift for Christmas! Of course I'm almost positive the woman will end up loving it and using it till it falls a part.

Merry Christmas! Miss you tons!