Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So one of the toughest things about living so far away from our parents and friends is that we are creating a life here that we can tell them about but thats it... And words just don't do it justice sometimes. So I decided to share moments of my day from last Saturday. From the time that I got up from the time I went to bed I took a picture of what I was looking at or doing at that time. Its still not a full image of our lives here in Indy but its better than just words.

It was Saturday so we got to sleep in late... So I rolled over and this is what I saw... our bedroom window

Again it was Sat. morning and I'm still in bed with my wife. I'll tell you its one of the best parts of marrige, just lying there talking about nothing.

So hunger finally drove me out of bed

Hook was on!! What a great movie... You know thats what Saturdays are good for... You can always find some random good movie on...

Deb and I had to start getting ready to go the Harvest set-up and worship practice.

Waiting on D... running late... watching hook... its when Pan finds his happy thought... it was his kids... Julia Roberts as Tink... genius

Harvest set-up and practice

I'm bored just typing this.... So you must really be bored... chalk this one up to bad idea blog post...

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Heath said...

Guess I missed this post. Hook-a great movie? Are you kidding me? You obviously didn't pay to see it in theaters. Uggh! Funny thought that I remember watching it on TV that same day. It gets a little better over time, but still not great especially considering the cast and director.