Monday, March 10, 2008

Its A Boy!!///NFL Combine

There is a new addition to the Rhodes' household.

Meet Leonidas our 8 week old Yellow Lab. D and I got him over the weekend!!! Look at that face!

This was him sleeping while we took care of the paper work.

This was him sleeping upside down in my armpit while I was watching TV. He sleeps a lot... He also pees a lot.

It really funny because D and I haven't agreed on a whole lot about dogs but when we saw him it was a no brainer... We can already tell that he's smart and he will a good dog for us.... he likes kids and plays well with the other dogs hes been around. Of course 1st on the list is house breaking, but we going to start working on sit and stay this week. Last night he slept the whole night through! Lets hope thats the deal from now on. Well any ways there's Leo I'm gonna try to get some video and post it...

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NFL Combine and Friendly Visits

Had some friends up a couple weeks ago and Palmer and I went down to the NFL Combine and met Wade Phillips, Herm Edwards, saw Tony Dungy, and met Glen Dorsey... great Sunday!

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