Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I still smell smoke

So last night we had a bonfire. I love bonfires, its so relaxing just to sit by the fire and hang out. Last night we had 26 people come! It was awesome, a lot of new faces. We ended our time together by praying over some issues in our lives and writing them down on a index card and them tossing them in the fire, a symbolic gesture that we are going to give those things to God and allow Him to do a work in our lives. Big props to Kev Deep and the Deepers who helped out with the stage design for the rest of the week. I am really excited to see how cool it looks finished. Pray for us the rest of this week as we share the Gospel with a bunch of new people (we hope).

A side note: D and I had to go to Gville to pick something up yesterday and I ran into a former principal of mine from high school. I would like to tell you that he didnt know me from Adam but the fact is he knew me very well and even after almost 9 years and about 70lbs. I have to say that the encounter was quite nice. I felt really awesome for number one introduce my wife to him and then for him to ask me what I was doing and for me to tell him that I am a youth pastor. I was in his office a lot and it was never because he wanted to remind me of what a great Christian I was being. It reminded me that God is big and He has the power to change lives, He changed mine and its nice when He has me cross paths with someone who knew me before the change and can really see the difference. Praise God for His grace.

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