Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday Night in Retro

We started youth week off with a scavenger hunt. It was a lot of fun to see all the guys scurring about Easley trying to find and do random things. I had a funny revelation last night about competition with in a youth group. There is always that team that gets mad a complains that everyone else cheated (sometimes they are right) and they get all up in arms about it but that same team wouldn't have won anyway. Its funny. Anyways it was a great way to get the week started. Tonight we are having a bonfire which is always fun, pray that the rain holds off for a few hours.

Pray for D and I throughout this week, we are both fighting illness (she much more than I) and are not sleeping well. Pray for the rest of this week, that God will show up in a mighty way and all our lives will never be the same. Pray that God will use this week as a catalyst against atrophy. I am ready for e1 to expode! I feel a great rumbling within me... I its kind of like when you can smell the rain before a storm. Pray for the services starting Wed and going through Fri. Thanks


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