Friday, February 16, 2007


There are a lot of things going on right now in the realm of Matt Rhodes. Several projects that I am working on that I want to share my thoughts on.

1. Youth Week – Man vs. Wild
Every year during February we have youth services all week long. It starts Monday and I am running around trying to make sure that everything on my end is taken care of. This weekend I need to revisit my messages and un pack them one more time but the plan is to bathe the week in prayer tomorrow during my study time. I have challenged my students to invite as many people as possible, they have responded really well. Pray for the Holy Spirit to go ahead of us and inhabit the final preparations and start melting hearts to the message of Christ.

2. Youth Camp – Hidden
Be careful what you wish for. The Lord has blessed me with creativity and a desire for excellence in ministry over the last few months, so when you get ideas you have to make them reality. I have bit off a good size chunk for our camps this year but it’s what I’ve always wanted so I am happy. I truly believe that our youth camps are one of our districts greatest strengths and untapped resource. God does amazing things through our camp, how much more will He do when he challenges us to change the way we do things to better suit a changed culture and to make a commitment to excellence. Pray for the executive staff as we plan, pray for counselors as they prepare for their students and pray that God will begin to impress a desire to attend or students all over the state.

3. Youth Convention – Setapart
I am way behind the eight ball on this deal but its not due to procrastination I am waiting to hear from several companies to move forward. But that really doesn’t matter as much as the fact that in ten months ten thousand students are going to gather to worships Christ all at the same time. I know it’s a long way out but pray for the convention.

4. Mission Trip – Puerto Rico
I got the apps, just need to get them out and back and begin the whole process. Pray for finances, it’s a lot of cash but I believe that God has ordained for our church to go so therefore money cannot be a factor. Pray that God will raise someone up that will give a large sum of money towards this trip.

5. Matt’s Secret Project – The BIG One
Oh, you want to know don’t you? Can’t right now but I can say this. God is moving in some areas that desperately need attention. This is what needs prayer the most of all the projects because if it happens it will be a God thing. Pray for my teens, that they will be able to handle the responsibility that comes a long with “the secret”. Pray for the church/church board, that they will have enough vision to step out and trust that God wants more of us. Pray that the will trust my leadership of the students.

So that’s what’s going on aside from normal day to day things. It’s a busy busy life it makes me happy to serving God in so many things.


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