Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It all started with an burger from A&W on the way to a TFK/FF5/TobyMac show, which was amazing (ly loud)

This is what has been keeping me functional for the last two weeks and especially the last two days. I had a root canal done on a couple of teeth (18 and 19 to be specifc) 6 years ago... never got them crowned (guess they weren't royalty) so when you get a root canal (and don't crown them) your teeth become very brittle and so over the years they chipped a few times but on the way to the aformentioned concert I had a big chip and lots of pain.... the following Monday morning it was so bad that I had to go the dentist... I was there for about 15 secs and he said they needed retreatment.... aka another root canal(s). So I have to go see an Endoditist... yea I still don't really know what that means... any way went in there he was all like yea we can do this yea yea.... so scheduled an appointment then they laid it on us.... the bill... not good... but God was faithful and provided the funds... so I went in yesterday and for 2 soild hours I held my mouth wide open and they drilled, and pulled, and scraped and drilled.... and drilled... and drilled... at one point I wanted to ask him if he'd struck oil yet.... but it had to be done because I had a lot of infection down there.... yea that was gross... blood and puss oozing from your gums is never good especially duing lunch... yuck.... so I get home and im pretty numb and tired so I lie down and watch Die Another Day.... then the novicaine wore off..... the second most amount of pain I had ever been in, in my life (Top 3: 1. Brusied Kidney... you do not want to go there 2. Double Root Canal 3. Broken Right pinky... and subsequent surgery and rehab) I thought to myself (because I wasnt doing much talking... an occasional grunt is all i could muster... ask D about it) it feels like some took a power drill to my jaw for a couple hours. Then it occured to me... thats exactly what happened... well i got my meds and I feek a lot better but I have a long way to go... thanks for the prayers
coming soon: some thoughts on something God hit me square in the face with last week
and if I can get a hold of some pics highlights from the kick butt game of flag football that was played Fri by the E1 Crew

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ouch! Thats all i got to say!