Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random thoughts from random pics

going through my phone this morning and decided to share some pics and thoughts that they provoke...

These two just make me laugh... especially the storm trooper... I imagine that its Heath in the suit... ha ha

Mike Vanderpool (a former youth pastor of mine) sent me this a few days ago with the caption: "Look, they named a candy bar after you"

Theres nothing funny about racism Mr. Vanderpool... except this

This is my senior pastor... (wonder if he reads this)

About 10 weeks until camp 07 and I am so jacked up!!! Its going to be the best camp ever... I am working on the shirts this week... best ever I promise
Ok, thats all for now... leave me some comments... make me laugh and to the E1 Crew.... dont come alone tonight... I want 30 people there TONIGHT!!! Lets make it happen...


kris said...

ya need a serif (the lil thingy on the ends) on the H in the logo... ;) and that pic of steve is hilarious! haha

hope you have a great night! lylab :)


David said...

Matt man I missed meeting with you on Monday. I finished my message on Anger that I was telling you about so I think I might bring is this Monday and get your insight.

Matt Smith said...

My thoughts on these pics: #1 weird, #2 freaking hillarious, #3 just freaky.