Thursday, April 19, 2007

Summer 2007 Movie Guide

Matt Rhodes' must see movies of the summer of 07.

Spiderman 3

May 4th

This one has the potential to be the best in the series. This is why, Batman Begins took a risk by portraying a "superhero" in a dark manner. In SM3 they straying from the light Peter Parker and introducing one of my favorite characters and storylines from the series, Venom. So they are adding an element of darkness that worked well for Nolan/Bale the latest Bataman installment and two villians that I am excited. Here's the bad news... there is rumor floating around the net that this will be Toby Mcguire's last outing as the webcrawling crimefighter. Two problems: 1. You can't just replace him it would kill the franchise (i.e. Batman series - it took a series restart with new directors, actors, and studio to get that back on track) 2. It's just starting to get intersting, new characters/plot lines - the development of Venom and they eventually Carnage, which is my favorite... So all in all I am really excited. Mos def and 12am showing.

Shrek the Third

May 18th

Its just one of those deals where you have to go see it. I'll wait a few days or even a week but I'll go see it. Apparenntly Shrek it to be king... and I'm sure there'll be an"addition" the family. Same cast, which is good including Puss in Boots - that makes me happy.

Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End

May 25th

So Jack is back and is forming an alliance with all of the pirates of the seas including Barbosa againt Davey Jones and the East India Trading Company which has the Former Commendore Norrington as it's newest co-conspiritor. Sounds like they are going to tie up all the loose ends... hopefully ending this love triangle between Jack, Elizabeth, and William, I'm ready to put that whole issue to bed... I've seen some footage and it looks like they have pulled out the stops visually so I think its going to be awesome!

Ocean's Thirteen

June 8th
I love the "Ocean's" films! The casting director should get a raise, this has been one of the best cast series of all time. I'll be honest I am a little worried about this one though. No Julia Roberts, no Cathrine Zeta-Jones... But we get Al Pacino as the bad guy. And Terry Benidect (Andy Garcia) switches sides... It has potential, as long as Brad Pitt does as well as he has in the 1st two. His character (Rusty) has made the movies what they are.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

June 15th

I'll be honest, didn't care for the first one and may wait for DVD on this one but it has me intrigued... I do know this, the visual effects look great.

Evan Almighty

June 22nd

Bruce was good, had a lot of Christian paralells so I'll go see it for those same reasons and Steve Carell is very funny. And plus the whole Noah concept could be really funny.

Live Free or Die Hard
June 27th
Ok heres the thing the Die Hard series is a staple of American action cinema so you I have to go see it. I'm going to rent all the others right before to catch up, it looks really good though.


July 4th

I grew up in the 80' it law that i have to go see this movie. It looks like its going to be awesome! Plus it directed my Micheal Bay its going to be explosive!! Optimus Prime looks great!

The Bourne Ultimatum

August 3rd

This is another series where I am ready to get to the bottom of whatever is going on... I imagine that Julie Stiles is going ot have more of a role in the final installment. I hope this fights scenese are asd good as they were in the first one. We shall see.

A good summer for movies!!


Deb said...

So, reading your little blog reminded me of something...I married the biggest dork in the world. Love you babe!

p.s. Pretty sure Spiderman is May 4th not 14th.

Matt Rhodes said...

I fixed it... the date error not the dorkiness

Carrie said...

Do you know how much I miss you're movie reviews... TONS! Of course I have to disagree with some of it though or it just wouldn't be right.

Dustin Wilson said...

These movies should be a good see. I look forward to most of them. Maybe we can have a double date and go see one or two together.

I am still recovering from the lock in. Note to self for next year. Get in the bed the night before early! I couldn't hardly make it on 6 hours of sleep.